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March 2021 - Article published in Scientific Reports

Geers L, Pesenti M, Derosiere G, Duque J, Dricot L, Andres M. (2021). Role of the fronto-parietal network in prospective action judgments.

September 2020 - Article published in J Neurophysiol

Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G, Grandjean J, Duque J. (2020). Motor training strengthens preparatory suppression during movement preparation.

June 2020 - Journal Club article published in The Journal of Neuroscience

Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G. (2020). Selecting and Executing Actions for Rewards.



March 2020 - Review article published in NeuroImage

Derosiere G, Vassiliadis P, Duque J. (2020). Advanced TMS approaches to probe corticospinal excitability during action preparation.

Jan 2020 - Review article published in The Neuroscientist

Derosiere G, Duque J. (2020). Tuning the corticospinal system: How distributed brain circuits shape human actions.

Aug 2019 - Article published in J Neurophysiol

Derosiere G, Thura D, Cisek P, Duque J. (2019). Motor cortex disruption delays motor processes but not deliberation about action choices.


July 2019 - Got an FNRS travel grant (~ 4k€)


The grant will allow me to stay for 3 months (July-Oct 2019) as a visiting postdoc at the University of Berkeley to work on a project on action planning with Rich Ivry.

May 2019 - Best poster award - Belgian Society for Neuroscience

Poster title: "Urgency tunes center-surround inhibition in the motor system during action selection". Collaboration with Paul Cisek (U de Montréal) and David Thura (INSERM Lyon).

Feb 2019 - Commentary published in eNeuro

Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G, Duque J (2019). Beyond motor noise: considering other causes of impaired reinforcement learning in cerebellar patients.


Nov 2018 - Article published in NeuroImage

Alamia A, Zenon A, VanRullen R, Duque J, Derosiere G (2019). Implicit visual cues tune oscillatory motor activity during decision-making.

Sept 2018 - Article published in The Journal of Neuroscience

Derosiere G, Klein PA, Nozaradan S, Zenon A, Mouraux A, Duque J. (2018). Visuomotor correlates of conflict expectation in the context of motor decisions.

March 2018 - Journal Club Article published in The Journal of Neuroscience

Derosiere G. (2018). A Dynamical System Framework for Theorizing Preparatory Inhibition.

Feb 2018 - Article published in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Vassiliadis P*, Grandjean J*, Derosiere G, Quemener L, de Wilde Y, Duque J. (2018). Using a double-coil TMS protocol to assess preparatory inhibition bilaterally.

Nov 2017 - Got a three-year FNRS grant - "Chargé de Recherche" (~250 k€)

The proposal involves three projects which I will conduct at the CoActions lab in Brussels (Pr Duque), in collaboration with the Saint-Luc Hospital for Parkinson studies (Pr Jeanjean).

Proposal title: "Investigating the neural sources and signatures of urgency during action selection"