Since October 2021, I hold a temporary research associate position at the Institute of Neuroscience at UCLouvain (Brussels). I have the chance to work with a great team of 3 Master students and 3 PhD students. Our current projects broadly concern the neural basis of motivation, decision-making and effort. Before that, I held a postdoctoral researcher position at the Institute of Neuroscience (2014-2021; postdoc advisor: Prof. Julie Duque). The main goal of my postdoctoral work was to better understand the role of the motor system in decision-making. I have also been a visiting researcher in Paul Cisek’s lab (Université de Montréal, Oct-Dec 2015) and in Rich Ivry’s lab (University of Berkeley, July-Oct 2019), where I developed projects on decision-making and action planning. The project I have conducted so far involved a combination of approaches including brain stimulation techniques (e.g., spTMS, ppTMS, rTMS, DBS), EEG, EMG, MRI and psychophysics.

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CoActions Lab

Institute of Neuroscience

Catholic University of Louvain

Bernard Tower (+2) Ave Hippocrate 54,

1200 Brussels - Belgium


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